Saturday, November 27, 2010


What are the assumptions underlying the process of clinical supervision (CS)?

-Focuses on classroom behaviour for improvement of instruction.
- 3 important steps
a) Pre Observation Conference (Pre OC)
b) Observation (O)
c) Post Observation Conference (Post OC)
-Supervisory should be based on the teacher engages in teaching activities
-Teaching is a complex set of activities that requires careful analysis
-The purpose of CS is to assist teachers to modify existing patterns of teaching.

a) Pre Observation Conference (Pre OC)
The supervisor sits with the teacher and determines
- The reason and purpose of the observation
- The focus of the observation
- The method of the observation
- The time of observation
- The time for post-conference

b) Observation (O)
- Generic Observation
- Detached Open-Ended Narrative
- Educational Critism
- Teacher Question

c) Post Observation Conference (Post OC)
- With the completed observation form, completed analysis and interpretation form and with the chose interpersonal approach, the supervisor is ready to meet with the teacher in a post conference.
- The post conference is held to discuss the analysis of observation and finally to produce a plan for instructional improvement. Fill in form 'plan for instructional improvement'. Include  (DOA RT)
- Date
- Objectives
- Activities
- Resources
- Time and date for next pre conference.



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