Monday, November 29, 2010


Question :
a)  What are the methods inducting a teacher in school? [10m]
b)  describe the ways of providing 'on-the-job-training to teachers.  [10m]

Suggested Answer (a) :
(Akronim : PPEAB - Pak Pandir Esok Akan Balik) hehe

  1. Principal introduce new teacher to the school 
  2. Provide pre-induction training
  3. New teacher is given a chance to enter senior teachers' classroom / visits library / get involve in co-curricular activities
  4. Attach the new teacher to senior teacher (coaching & mentoring) to help them ~> preparing lesson plan, team teaching, prepare examination questions & guide them on how to mark question paper
  5. Provide brochure about the school culture, activities, rules & regulations & tasks (Buku pengurusan sekolah)
Suggested Answer (b) :
  1. Councelling Interview
  2. Group activities
  3. Journals for staff development
  4. Face to face training
  5. Open & Distance Education (life long learning
prepared by:izan

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